12 September 2007


Sorry for not posting, things have been very busy with our culminating week at the FOB, we are runnins missions at all hour of the day and night. This AMs mission was an point ambush for IED makers. After that we did PT wearing our IBAs, running sprints, push ups, sit ups in the hot sun, it was killer and we were all wasted. Tonight we were QRF, went to rescue a downed chopper pilot and deal with an attack and news media. We had a real 9 line when a LT went down during the mission due to heat and went to the hospital. Tonight we prepared for tomorrows AM raid mission. Tomorrow night is 10 mile ruck and mission at MOUT site, we come back in the early am and start cleaning. Tonight we started singing NSYNC while riding in the LMTV -It is time to leave this place !

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