18 September 2007

BOLCII Day 31: Out process II

Downstairs at 0540 at the squad office for ice sheets. The “chill” in the air at 70 degrees is definitely noticeable.

LT Sadoun leads PT, we have an ab and lower body work out with flutter kicks, multiple variations of crunches and partner resisted sit ups and ability group sprints. Off to chow and a little down time till weapons draw at 0830. 4th PLT PL tried to bully their way into taking our place. LT James our PL for the week stood fast and we had our draw done in 2 mins! LT Kwia gave a brief on Liberia’s army. It was very fascinating and little known how US involvement in the past several years has literally turned there country around from civil war to a relativity stable country. LT Kwia is one of a very few officers being trained by the US to lead their new army.

SSG Dunfee gave us the download on the DA31 for BOLCIII and what he was expecting for weapons turn-in. BOLCII is requiring us to claim graduation day as our first day of leave –not cool!

I then worked on a detail cleaning up the squad room for the next cycle, what a mess! I received my leadership counseling from SFC Kerr for my PSG duties last week. It was very informal working thur each of the Army values and how they related to my responsibilities. Basically SFC Kerr was looking for me to relate a particular scenario I faced and how I dealt with. The rating scale is 1-4 with 4 being above average. I scored about 50% 4’s and 50% 3’s so I good to go at this station.

My unit had given me a job list of about 120 pre-mob tasks that need to be complete be for deploying next year, I took the list to SFC Kerr and he was able to mark off about 75% which will be a HUGE time saver!

I took my M4 down to SFC Dunfee for a the first run thru, I somehow hoped for a first time go but that illusion was quickly shattered. A few minor cosmetic things to touch up and I should be good to go. The armoror in OCS doesn’t even measure up to this standards! –Not a bad thing ether.
Bottom line is the cadre want the downtime between the next startup so they will make sure the LTs take care of everything possible.

I help LT James make a run to Little Caesars for a load of “Hot and Nows” for the PLT so we can keep them cleaning weapons instead of breaking for chow in the defac. “LT Ninja” has to be given a 30 min counseling lesson by LT Seitz about not order other LTs around and talking with his moth full of pizza drinking straight from the Pepsi 2-little bottle!

We completed turn-for the day and were released at a reasonable time. LT Grams and I headed to Commandos surplus to pick up 41 BOLCII tabs for graduation and a hair cut (Note: the haircut place next to Commandos is the best in town!) We then headed to Texas Roadhouse at exit 10 to meet up with a dozen other LTs for some good steak and good times.

Tomorrow AM is the BN run with 2 Co’s of 6 PLTs each in formation, this will be fun! I still have to catch up on last week blog, crate the picture CD and pack all my stuff tomorrow –ah!

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