19 September 2007

BOLCII Day 32: Out process III

0545 at Peden field. We form up and move out for our C and D Co’s 4 mile run. The pace was about 8:45. CPT McGinty kept changing the distance between us and the lead PLT so it was almost like a fartlek run at times. The cooler temperature change is noticeable as I am barely sweating by the time we come back to Peden field.

Chow and change in to ACUs. Draw weapons and clean, clean. After touching up the few minor spots SSG Dunfee had found yesterday I take my weapon down to for another inspection, but I take a few cleaning supplies just in case. SGG Dunfee finds (or they appear, I’m not sure which!) a few more minor things, no sweat, I correct them on the spot, wait one person in line and SSG Dunfee finds a few more things! Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against a high standard and expect them of other myself but I find moving targets frustrating. -This plan is not working so I take my m4 upstairs to wait the process out.

After some quality time with a tooth brush, dental pick and CLP while watching Shooter DVD on my laptop I decided lunch time might make a good opportunity target time so down I go and this time I am a go for turn in. I spend the rest of the afternoon working on making the PLT movie with XPs movie maker. LT James is kind enough to not assign any details to me so I can stay focused.

CPT McGinity calls for 4th squad to received our end of cycle counseling. Counseling is individual and very informal. My rating is about the middle of the pack which considering the high percentage of tight knit West Pointers in the squad is pretty good. CPT Mcginty expresses his appreciation for my “senior age” (ha!) and maturity in helping maintain balance in the squad.

A detail was sent to the Ammo Supply Point (ASP) to count, inventory and restock all the unexpended and unused ammo from our training and apparent it was the worst experience of all BOLCII for them! No food, no water and very over bearing DA civilians for 8 hours with multiple redundant verifications of the ammo. They have all promised when they get to their units, there will be organized spend-ex’s but NO unexpended ammo, ever!

We were released at a reasonable time. LT Grams and Boudro and I headed to chow for a snack so we could start packing and still be hungry for the PLT party at the IOBC LTs house. We packed an hour and a half or so and headed over. When I arrived, “power hour” had already been in progress.

I hung out for had some good food, received my official Red Sands employee tee shirt (our PLTs new security, stability operations company) I stayed an hour and half and headed back to pack and clean my room which would end up taking till 0100 by the time I got done talking with everyone and carrying out all my stuff and sweeping and mopping,. I had to wake my roommate up as he was planning to wait until morning to mop, that was a no-go in my book!

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