17 September 2007

BOLCII Day 30: Outprocess I

Sunday night I got back from Augusta about 8pm and dumped all my stuff out. I had taken advantage of LT Deriks’ laundry service this weekend for $10 a load and cleaning CIF/turn-in so I didn’t have to worry about getting back earlier and going to the on post laundry CIF machines.

I also had to complete a peer eval for the squad which was difficult for me. You rank them 1-10 or what ever then explain why you picked the top tree and bottom three. My last chopice was very clear but the others were not, I felt like I blue falcon’d the other two last place LTs.

I went thru and organized all my platoon issue for turn-in Monday; MOLLE vest, canteen and, mag pouches, blank adapter, mags, IBA, IBA plates, elbow and knee pads and reference books.

I dumped my two duffels of CIF out and went thru double checking I still had everything, that took awhile. I am so glad I have home unit issue gear!

0600 PT, we divided the PLT into three teams for soccer, football and ultimate Frisbee. Boy was this a nice break and still a good workout!

After chow we waited on other PLTs for our weapons draw and then brought them up to the 3rd floor for cleaning. LTs broke out the radios and we went to work. Over the weekend I bought a can of foam shaving cream and had had my M4 looking like new in no time (trick I learned from Basic Training) just wet down the m4 with water then spray and brush the shaving cream everywhere, it lifts the oil and carbon right off. All the other LTs immediately became interested in this time saving technique and in no time, my can was depleted with promises of “I’ll buy you another one!”

About 1130 LT James decided to turn weapons back in for CIF return, he had chow and load a bus up for the short trip. It was actually fairly painless, LT James put in front of the line because I am working a PLT picture CD and once they found my paperwork I dumped my gear in a shopping cart and went down the line handed stuff back. The civilians where very reasonable, the one ting I was missing; a strap for a 2Qt they did not ding me on.

We walked back to the barracks as soon as each of us was done. I ran our PLTs pictures over to C Co as they are making a BN picture CD

By the way the IOBC guys did not have CIF turn in. They will keep their gear thru the end of IOBC course. They got to put on PTs for the day and clean crew served weapons. What fun –NOT!

By that time it was 1700, we fell out for for formation and after a few words form CPT McGinty, where released.

I went downtown to a coffee house with a few other LTs and knocked out a bunch of paperwork work for SBOLC.

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea with the shaving cream.
I wish I would have known that trick 20 years ago