05 August 2007

BLOCII Day 0: Report day

Up about 0830. My plan is to report about 2100 so the first weeks leadership will have hopefully already been selected. I would prefer to have a few days on the ground before an assignment but I’ll roll with what ever happens.

I spent the morning rearranging some stuff in my car and making some march/run cadence index cards and making sure my orders, personal records are in order. Oh yeah, by the way even though it not listed on the “BOLCII to bring list” bring your Medical and Personal records (thanks to LT Marshall) especially your yellow immunization card unless your enjoy getting three shots in each arm and doing a road march the next day.

In my case, I called my unit last week to pick up my records and low and behold neither my personal or medical records could be found anywhere! Its like they disappeared into thin air! I still don’t have an answer but most of my important records should be on the print outs they gave me. It goes to show NEVER assume anything in the Army. Tip: After your commissioning is complete, ask to see your files and put your hands on them and copy everything and make copies after EVERY update. Thank goodness I have my DD214 and yellow card!

The hotel was gracious enough to allow me a late check out at 2pm. I looked on the internet trying to find a coffee/internet cafĂ© so I can keep busy till 2100 but with no luck, I asked at the front desk and the said told me about a new Starbucks just down the road. –Perfect!! (ok, so maybe ¾ mile past where they told me) but anyway, I arrive and buy my “lunch” of water, fruit and slice of chocolate chip banana bread and THEN I find out because it is brand new they don’t have internet yet!!!! Ah, I just can’t win!! I’ll just type this up in word and copy and paste as soon as I get a chance.

While typing this, I sat in Starbuck’s outside porch and experienced my first GA thunder boomer. It is a LOT cooler now, but still very cloudy. I am sure the heat will be back.

Thank is all I have for the moment. I have 4 more hours till report in to keep busy. Hopefully I can post tonight, I’ll see what the internet situation is.

I left Startbuck and thanks to "free wifi location" tool I looked up on the web prior to leaving the hotel I am now "borrowing" wifi at a Sheriton hotel.

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