24 August 2007

BOLCII Day: 15 Qualify Cont

0550 PT formation, those of us who still needed to qualify were dismissed back to the barracks so PT would not have any potential negative effect on our firing. 0700 we drew weapons, had breakfast. 0800 we marched out to the qualification range, several of us intended to re-zero but the zero range was not open yet so they just put us on the line again. It took me a few frustrating iteration as a no-go then the CPT McGinty stood behind me on the line to observe and noted my shots were going high right, something I should have seen but was to intent on delivering the round and move to the next to realize. I use some “Kentucky windage” and was right on. I so glad to walk off the line for the last time.

Lessons Learned: #1 bring a 3/32 allen wrench with you and tighten down your CCO after zero-ing and tighten every day. #2 My rifle was out of my control while it was used during night fire so my CCO could have gotten knocked. #3 Given that I have always qualified first time with iron sights (not expert by any means!) I should have gone back to the zero range after failing the first time. Although zeroing is not fun it would have eliminated a lot of unnecessary rounds down range and frustration.

NOTE: I receive an email question about if you should bring prescription glasses. All LTs are required to wear eye protection on ranges, and during the use of simmunitions As part of CIF you will be issued a set of ballistic "pro-glasses" with clear and smoke lens to wear at the ranges. They actually look fairly high speed and are very functional. As part of vision processing make sure you ask for a set of glasses inserts and you will be good to go, no need to spend your $$ on this one however our PLT cadre is allowing us to wear Wiley X etc (that have an NSN) so bring them if you have them.

After that it was back to the Co area where we were welcomed like long lost children (ok, maybe not quite!) then cleaned weapons. We moved out for US weapons familiarization at the PT field under the shelter. We got thru the M203 and AK47 but a thunderstorm rolled in so the cadre sent us packing. I did get to see a small black bear running along side the PT field. We had weapons turn in, cleaned up the common areas and our rooms, had our motivation speech from the D Co Cmdr, found out we placed 3 out of 6 for APFT at 273 point average (no one failed from 3rd PLT which is great!) Then our safety speech from the student 1SG and were released about 1800 for the weekend.

At some point I need to elaborative on what you can expect for weekend outings in Columbus.

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