16 August 2007

BOLCII Day 9: Last of Combatives

0300-0400 CQ duty with LT James. CQ basically entails sitting at the desk by the front door with a radio (which you sign for) and phone in case someone needs to contact the Co in the middle of the night. There is a BOLCII NCO on duty who will rack out in the day room in case something comes up. There is a PC at the CQ desk with an electronic log that every CQ LT signs. There is also a list of tasks to be done. In my case is was sweeping the out stair entrances to both building. I split it with LT James and we had it knocked out in no time. You can also use this time to do laundry. I took my set of BDU paints, cut a small section of thread at the bottom of the knee guard fabric, inserted the knee pads for the ACUs and sewed it back up. This would prove to make a HUGE difference later in the day. I wish I had done it sooner! My knees and everyone else’s have been taking a beating and are bloody and raw in places.

0600 PT: The student COC talked the cadre and let up sleep in a little because of our efforts of combatives. PT was good with circuit training; lunges, partner resisted P/Us, leg spreaders, bear crawls, mountain climbers, up and downs, and log pick up.

We started out with a refresher on all the all the positions, moves, chokes and then 2 min PLT bouts of 1 of 1 selected by the cadre. Rest for 10 min and then 1 min bout to finish up. I did not tap out in ether event but I did not come out the winner either based on number of successful positions achieved. Bottom line is I did not do as well as I had hoped but I feel much more confidant in a close quarters hand to hand combat then I did before. I will be posting some video footage here as soon as I can figure out how to do it thru Blogger or YouTube.

NOTE: Do not tense your body during combative, just going from one move to the next relaxing in-between of your will get totally exhausted like I did in 60-120 seconds.

NOTE: Make sure your mouth guard of fitted prior coming down here. I could not get the water hot enough in the latrine to form it and ended up having to go with out which came very close to costing my some chipped teeth in the first bout.

NOTE: Be very careful with combatives, another LT from may unit came thru a few class back and messed up his shoulder so bad he got sent home for surgery has not yet been back yet and may not be able to. It is it some cool violent stuff you will learn but don’t let it take you out of the game and cost your commission due to a medical discharge.

It was back to the barrack for shower (fifthly beyond belief!!) There was not a single dry spot on my BDUs. I must have sweat and draw close to 2 gallons during that 3 hours in the hot GA sun. Then off to lunch, a 15 min combat nap (take them when every you can!) then off to class We have DAGR/Pluger, Land Nav refresher (very basic and to the point) a land nav quiz and then a class on dealing with the media. The PLT mentor for 4th stood up towards the end of the POI and talked about how it really is over there and that was very helpful.

We were released about 1630, new student COC was selected, class assignment given out ( have to prepare a 20-30min on the 9-line by Tues) change into civvies for dinner at the defac then off to the post PX for some stuff to treat my infected cuts from combatives on my hands and knees.

0550 PT tomorrow at the 1-mile track. 2 mile run the 1-mile buddy carry –this should be interesting!!

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