03 August 2007

BOLCII Day -2 Friday

Prelude: The purpose of this blog is to document my experience at Ft Benning BOLCII and Ft Gordon BOLCIII for my own personal history and for the use and edification of future LTs as there seems to be no complete picture I can find of the training experience. My goal is to update it every duty day I am not in the field and include interesting information and pictures.

Arrive about 10 pm at Columbus GA hotel. Long day driving. After almost became too friendly with a bridge and had to pull over and take a short combat nap. Oh yeah, don’t try and find a missing car adapter for a cell phone while driving in the dark next to a temporary concrete shoulder barrier, almost had a wipe out there too. But I found the car adapter and that of course is the important part!

I make some phone calls and watch a little bit of “300” and then crash for the night.

Side note: I bought a Garmin GPS nuvi 360 (it’s name is Angelina, a story for later) a few months back and it was a life saver on this trip, there are number of complex direction and road changes coming from up North and it would have been challenging for me to navigate it with paper maps in the dark

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