07 August 2007

BOLCII Day 2: First PT/In process cont

The 75th Rangers have our PT area for a few days so we formed up outside the barracks for accountability at 0530 and marched out to another PT field for a “PT Demo” by our cadre to set the standard for they expect and will evaluate from now on. Nothing special to report, everything I have done in OCS. And if anything less formal with out a black hat screaming at me. At least that experience has paid off!

We then go for a 1-1/2 slow run at 8-9min miles. We had one person fall out less then half way. Hopefully it is just getting use to the heat and they can train with us. (Tip: do NOT call cadence by the airborne area, just keep your PLT in step) By the time we back we are all drench in a couple gallons of sweat. I am glad I wore my camelback as not everyone did. We had a “man down drill” afterwards where the cadre had a “volunteer” simulate a heat causality. The victim got frozen ice sheets in both arm pits, the groin, around the neck and then rolled up like a burrito -Ha! Also of note, as per the PSG, if we go to chow after being released for the evening, there will be no wearing of sandals without socks and no showing of cleavage!

4th SQD has latrine cleaning this morning, nothing to hard for 9 guys to knock out and we hit the showers, eat chow and get a little down time before briefings by the Co Cmdr, JAG, Dental (why do I have this feeling I will be standing in line for a whole day for the second time in 6 months because my dental records got lost!?) and Information assurance and EO/Sexual harassment briefings.

Tip: Take advantage of any time you have between hard times. Gedaliah and I found a hair cut place on the 1st floor of the Infantry Center fro Excellence and paid $7.40 each for a decent cut. I feel a lot lighter now!

Tip: Of note to the BOLCII/III infantry guys, there has been a lot of talk about them not staying in the barracks and instead in on/off post housing because they receive BAH. The word on street was to wait for one these guys when you when to sign for your room because you would then have the room to yourself as they would stage from there. That changed as of today, the infantry guys are being required to move back. The Infantry who are married and have their wife here will be allowed to not stay in the barrack after next week but it looks like the rest if them will be moving back in. They are not to happy and understandably so but the flip side is they will be more involved in everything that goes on.

We were released relativity early for the day again and after dinner chow Gedaliah and I went and found the main PX picked up some air freshener for the room and waste basket. After that we drove off post to Home Depot as Gedaliah was looking for some hardware items to repair his suit case that the airline have been intent on destroying. Some 6” x ¼” vinyl trim, gorilla duct tape and a hacksaw should do the trick. I stayed up later then intended talking to friends and family and working potential pay issues so I didn’t get to bead till midnight. 0530 will come early!

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hornet said...

Hey LT, thanks for the info! I will be reporting to BOLC II at Benning on 2Sept07.

Keep up the great work.