06 August 2007

BOLCII Day 0: my room

I pull into 2749 right on time at 1855. Up the stairs and to the left is the BOLCII CQ. It was manned by two LT’s who tell me I will be assigned to D Co and give me a map of the BOLCII company area and that I need to change into ACUs prior to reporting to the D Co CQ (I wouldn’t worry about changing prior to bld 2749 this as they expect you to be observing force protection measures while on civilian travel)

I get back and the car and head down Sightseeing drive to the company area. They were not kidding about parking being an issue! There are LT’s everywhere unloading cars. After driving around and around I finally make a “spot” at the very furthest edge of the parking lot from D Co.

I report into to several more LTs and sign my name on about six different pieces of paper and receive my room assignment of 340B.
I asked for the low down and they are all West Pointer’s who graduated this year and took 60 days leave which expired on 25JUL and they have been here since then. –No fun for them!! They seem pretty optimistic and report that the cadre seem pretty cool.

I head back out to the hallway and another LT graciously leads me through the winding corridors up to the 3rd floor. I head down the hall for my meeting with destiny and find a “2LT Gedaliah Scharold” He decently agrees to lend a hand hailing my stuff up so we head back down. Its time to start thinking like an officer so I am NOT moving my 500lbs of stuff ¼ mile away and up three flights of stairs so we move the car temporary by a side door and begin the unloaded process. Boy do I have ALLOT of stuff! By the time we are done we are both sweating like crazy in the 80 humid temp.

Gedaliah says flew in from WA state and has not eaten so I change back into my civvies (boy do I feel a lot better at this point then during OCS!) and we head in Ft Benning and slip inside a Buger King 10 minutes before closing (Although I have never had a .99 Jr Wopper take 15 minutes to make, they must have had to kill the cow!) Anyway another BOLCII LT comes in and we sit down to share what limited intel we have. It seems the word is “chill.”

We head back, I make my bed and put some stuff away, so least I can find it in the morning. The word is no inspections, boy is that a relief! I don’t have to spend hours rolling my under wear and socks and making everything just so.

The room is decent with two full size beds, two good size metal wall lockers and two desks with reading lamps! The room also has A/C!

I call some friends and family and hit the bed about 0030 in the morning. First formation is at 0615 for accountability. Over all I have a much better mood about how the 7 weeks will go.

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