10 August 2007

BOLCII Day 5: Finance/In process cont

The cadre woke us up at 0400 for a drug test. Thankfully our leadership had given us a heads up that it “might” be happening so it wasn’t a total surprise. We all stumbled out to the hallways to find the latrines taped over. The bus moved out to one of the classrooms in building #4 about 0430, the urinalysis test did not start in earnest until about 0600 so there was a lot of LTs doing the rain dance. While we were waiting, the cadre played a video of some former famous sport personality who had go down the wrong trail with alcohol and drugs and live to tell about it. After that that a video “Meth attack on Georgia” The first five LTs from each PLT got to be the designated “observers” you can only imagine how thrilled they were!

We were released when we handed in our sample to walk back to the Co area. One of the other PLT mentors had some self paced PT setup when we arrived about 0700. 35/25/15 Push ups and sit ups with ¼ mile lap in between. It was shower, chow and then to briefing in building 4. Our Co cmdr announced that some LT had stolen cash the day prior and there was a 48hr amisty or he would call the MPs and track down finger prints. It makes me upset that some idiot LT would violate the honor code of a commissioned officer and make us ALL look bad. If an officer are willing to do here just imagine what they would be willing to do in the field…
At least they didn’t take out to the parking lot and smoke us like they did in basic when cash turned up missing(!)

201 file processing. If for some reason you don’t have your file like me they will give you a blank folder as a “temp” 201 file while you are here and have you fill out SGLI and emergency contact data sheet.

More later

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