28 August 2007


First off, with 240 LTs in one open room how many alarms do you think were set? If you guessed 239 you were correct! And of couse they were all set at different times and would only go after the owner had left to go to the latrine! All 6 PLTs except for 3rd had to get up at 0500 for some reason but we didn’t have to report to PT till 0550. Ah well.

PT was great with a 4-mile run down the road off the FOB (Ok so maybe you wouldn’t do that in Iraq) the pace was pretty high so all of us were sweating buckets by the time we were done there were a few LTs who had trouble hanging. It was then some quick P/Us sets starting at 10 and counting down with a buddy.

It was off to the showers which was an adventure in itself, imagine a large tent with no lights or windows with double rows of plastic shower down the middle and sinks on the outside… All designed perfectly for someone about 4’ 2” At the least the middle tent had hot water, I understand the other male shower tents did not fair so well. And yes, please check the sign in front of the tent BEFORE you go in, no sign = male. Sign = female. My good battle buddy who shall remain nameless to protect his identity apparently went in the femail shower and was fully engaged in his shower before he realized that he was the only male in the tent!

After changing into ACUs in the shower tent (Note:for the FOB bring a large heavy duty zip lock “grab bag” for each day consisting of your uniform, socks tee-shirt, underwear ect. It makes life much eaiser)

We enjoyed our one hot meal of the day and then it was off to a class w/SSG Butler on our upcoming room clearing training. We moved out for the motor pool area for some reflexive dry fire training w/SSG Bulter and SSG Dunfee. After a delicious MRE for lunch (not!) we had a little downtime in our tent then our cadre decided to steal 5th PLTs bus and give us a bonus of a guided “bus tour” of the upcoming land nav test site for next Mon at 0300. We got to see the alligator lake and were told there are no points in it contrary to a number of LTs who seem to think so every year.

Back to the tent then we knock out some our peer lead classes and then got called for our first live fore reflexive fore range. We arrived early and had to wait awhile, did a dry fore run thru and then it decided to thunderstorm just as the last iteration with me in it was preparing to walk on and live fire. Ah well.

Tasty MRE for supper then personal hygine time and figuring out creative way to hang 240 sets of wet uniforms. Our student COC had to do a poggy bait (snack food) check of everyone’s lockers, that stuff is a no-go here because of the ants. The word is Thursday we will day ops then night ops from 1700-0500 that should be interesting.

I am writing this in the dark as everyone got sick of the two large flood lights left on in the tent last night so they killed all the lights, so what happens as soon as they do? Some LT crashes in to a footlocker and falls on the floor! The whole tent cracked up. ‘Just can’t win!

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