09 August 2007

BOLCII Day 4: In process cont

PT got off to a rough start at Dough Boy Field by the LTs arriving late. The issue was that we have been POVing everywhere and the move out was kind of haphazard and the last LT did not know where to show up.

NOTE: If you are in class leadership, don’t be afraid to ask for a bus etc to move your PLT around.

Once we moved beyond that it was awesome PT! Including windshield wipers on the pull up bars, running up and down the stairs, buddy carry up the stairs of the stadium (each person about 12 times!) flutter kick s and something called the “scuba” that I was not very coordinated at and them back again to the pull up bars to start again.

Back at the Co area, it was cleaning and shower, chow time. After that was walking to the building for checking vision and dental and any CAC card type issues. And yes I was right, I need to have my dental file redone the second time this year! (can you tell by now that I am irritated about that!?) the dental imagining server crashed as I was waiting in line so it will be a return trip at some point.

NOTE: It is so hot down here I can’t imagine wearing glasses like I use to prior to LASIK. Contacts would probably work but I never wore them so I don’t know. Just do not be that one LT in the whole platoon to wear your contacts to the vision screening!

NOTE: I have LASIK and they are fine with LASIK/PRK operations. I learned that they hand PRK operations out like candy to West Pointers. They will check your eye for the how well the operation healed.

Back in the Co area it was time unload some of the heavy weapons into the basement arms room for future training. I have not shot a Mk-19 before so that should be fun!

After getting some chow it was time to move out to get my shots with Gedaliah, and LT Ming Lee. I only needed a Hep A. Thank goodness, my shots are indeed up to date in the Army computer system so I didn’t need 5 like some other LTs. Again, bring your yellow cards just in case.

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