08 August 2007

BOLCII Day 3: CIF/In process cont

First PT on our own went pretty well. The cadre asked for volunteers to be the PLT PT leader and selected one LT who seems pretty high speed. The list is now posted for daily PT leaders who will coordinate thru the PLT PT leader.
We are doing PT with a PT plan but executed by the squads which is working out very well and is good moral team building It was circuit training in the field across the barracks with incline, decline and regular/wide/close hand pushups separated by sprints around the track.
One LT from D Co went down this morning about 0630 and had a temp of 107 when they took him away in the ambulance. Drink water, this heat is NO JOKE.

After showering, it was off to a National Guard / Reserve briefing with LT Nate Grap. No big surprises except that there only about 24 Guard/Reserve LTs here of the whole D Co. They are not able to help with my initial uniform allowance so back to my unit again (I understand that Ft Sill BOLCII takes care of processing your $400 for you)

NOTE: This seems simple but make sure the pages of your orders and amendments are stapled together so you do not look like a total moron. You will be handing copies out left and right.

NOTE: The NCO did say if you have enough time between BOLCII and BOLCIII they will help you get slots in Airborne, Air Assault, Pre-Ranger and Ranger if you unit can get order cut since there would be no travel expense.

NOTE: If you are NG/AR you are NOT eligible for the 600lbs DITY TDY move. ONLY active duty.

NOTE: #1 make sure you bring your POV!! #2 Make sure your orders have in and around mileage on them. I have 60 miles per week.

Later 4th squad as a group had our initial counseling with CPT Mcginty. Basically to sum it up he said “I will treat you professionally as my platoon leaders and I expect you to treat me professionally as your company commander, and we will have a great time training” I think this really set the tone for the rest of BOLCII for me. We signed out pre-filled statements and headed on our way.

CPT Mcginty also stated that we are officers and the weekends are ours to do with as we please (within the guidelines and any staff duty) and he would sign any reasonable pass request.

Back in the Co area we stood by for a little while then took a bus down to CIF to draw TA-50. They gave the option of any OCS who had brought their gear could stay back on other details. Even though I did bring my gear I elected to go just in case there was one piece of critical gear they gave out that I didn’t have. Contrary to CIF draw when I went to basic this one was very well organized and painless although they gave out a lot of cold weather gear and the infamous rubber over boots that no one ever wears. The hardest part was a “self administrated shake down” (Ha! Never in OCS!!) out in the CAT5 heat.

Back in the Co area we were instructed to go to our rooms for 30 minutes to cool down because of the work to heat ratio.

NOTE: They are still giving out ALICE gear for BOLCII so if your are lucky enough to have MOLLE gear like me definitely bring it!! (for that matter bring your own ALICE gear so it will already fit you and you won’t have to clean the CIF)

We were supposed to draw IBAs in the Co area but that never turn out so we were released. Nate, Gedaliah and I decided to was time to eat on the economy so we head out veterans drive to a little mom and pop dinner Nate had found called “Aunt Lyn’s dinner” for some good southern cooking. We then explored the historic downtown Columbus river front. Very beautiful architecture and looks like there are some very nice coffee houses. We may come back this weekend.

NOTE: Make sure if you go eat on the economy that you sign in at the chow hall so they can count the meals. The process as you enter the chow hall is you tell the lady “Regular Army, Army Reserve or National Guard” an the last 4 of your social. She will write that down and then you sign and be on your way. No chow songs, VIP guards or false motivation required! You are even allowed dessert and may look at the TV and talk with no one yelling at you to hurry up –Amazing!

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