13 August 2007

BOLC Day 6: Combatives Day 1

Long day so this will be short and to the point: 0520 PT, 4 mile run ability groups 0730 shower and chow 0850 Combatives. More later but it was an intense work out! All the building were booked so we had to do outside in the PT field. Talk about hot! All of us were drenched and dirty.

We stood in a Platoon circle and counted off “1” “2” all the way around which determined of our partners. We rotated periodically so we were never with the same person. And no they do not separate so it is female to male, large build on small build etc.

Note: I highly recommend bring a set of BDUs, even if you have to go to a surplus store and buy a set and have everything sown on.

We did that up till lunch, showed, put our uniforms in the washer. Got a brief respite then off to classes at the airfield (very nice buildings!) classes were on the TLPs and intro to OPORD The cadre threw in a few movie clips to keep things interesting and we had a 25 min 4-man OPORD writing exercise We were given a 2-man OPORD writing exercise which Gedaliah and I just finished Our is about 8 pages. I’ll try and figure out to post it here. My OCS OPORDS were a big help so we didn’t have to start from scratch.

Before being dismissed, we had mail call and SFC Kerr gave us a short class on our upcoming road marches. We are supposed to have a 5 mile later this week I believe.

I received my new Michigan license plate today to I was finally able to go get a Ft Benning decal. I got there just in time Mon-Fri 0730-1750. And I found out the vehicle registration building is the new “welcome center” with the maps that I was looking for on the first day.. They don’t have anything different then the visitor building at the gate but then know where everything is.

I still have to catch up from last week/weekend an dpost pictures. Hopefully tomorrow.

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